No, FIFA does not plan to keep Pele’s feet in the museum


No, FIFA does not plan to keep Pele’s feet in the museum

a social media Message The declare that FIFA will hold the ft of the legendary soccer participant Pele within the museum is extensively shared. This got here later death Pele’s on 29 December 2022. Let’s verify this declare by means of his article.

Allegation: FIFA will exhibit the ft of soccer participant Pele within the museum.

Reality: There is no such thing as a information that such an announcement has been made by FIFA. Even their web site and official Twitter account doesn’t point out any such data or press launch relating to this alleged resolution. Due to this fact, the declare put ahead within the put up, WRONG.

We checked out press releases and official bulletins to verify the accuracy of the declare. Web site FIFA and their Twitter handle. This search didn’t lead us to any related proof. Nevertheless, FIFA printed a number of articles mourning the demise of the legendary participant. Here, Here and Here. We noticed that the graphic within the viral put up was credited. ‘TNT sports activities Brazil‘ because the supply of this data. We looked for an article on this alleged resolution by FIFA itself. Web sitehowever they have not printed something on the identical topic.

We additionally checked out information about it in widespread media shops. Nevertheless, none of them gave such data that FIFA determined to maintain Pele’s ft within the museum. The information company Reuters printed a fact-check article ‘ on the identical declare they statedA FIFA spokesperson advised Reuters by way of e-mail that the declare was utterly false.’ Pele’s footprints protected Corridor of Fame at Maracana Stadium in Brazil.

To summarize, FIFA doesn’t plan to maintain Pele’s ft in a museum; this information is pretend

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